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Changing the graduate landscape one project at a time

Because together, we can grow and nurture the future of your industry

SkillBranch lets you actively promote your organisation amongst UK students in a unique way, letting your business take a lead role in identifying and moulding their skills to suit your needs. By offering frequent bite-sized online tasks to students, your business not only offers them the chance to develop industry specific knowledge and practical work skills, but also to build a relationship with your organisation which could lead to employment opportunities.

Identify & Develop Talented Future Graduates

Through frequent interaction with students, your business can actively develop students industry knowledge levels and key skills, all whilst identifying individuals or groups to target for a future role. Target specific groups to promote high level skills, or make projects accessible to all students and identify exceptional talent.

Raise Awareness of Your Industry

Countless opportunities to showcase reasons why students should be looking to work in your industry, highlighting skills that are important for success and enhance understanding of different graduate job roles, saving vital time during the onboarding process.

Upskill & Empower Current Employees

By allowing members of your team to assess the success of students in meeting the skills set out in the criteria, SkillBranch's platform allows your team to develop their feedback and assesment skills.
A great opportunity to develop your junior team members basic management skills!



Of students think that organisations interact with them frequently enough



Would consider roles at local Small-Medium Enterprises (SME's)

SkillBranch Survey 2017

And the benefits aren't just for companies


Improve your skills, whilst recieving feedback and endorsement from Companies and Institutions across the UK.


Access live data on students interests, collaborate with companies from across the UK and help your students achieve their potential.

Charities & Volunteer Movements

Access our platform at a reduced price and grow your cause amongst passionate students.

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Growing alongside you

Delve into your processes with Projects

Create projects for students based on real tasks, identify key skills and focus on reinforcing these with context applicable to your industry.

All your University contacts in one place

Discover and attend institution-specific careers events or plan your own. SkillBranch fosters better relationships with University careers departments and opens up new opportunities.

Use data to drive your strategy

Filter institutions by students targeted industries, degree programme and desired skills, then target projects at a selection, or open it nationwide.

We've Come a Long Way

SkillBranch was born from a simple idea - Equal Opportunity.

To set students on the path to the job of their dreams with a toolkit of skills developed through working alongside companies.

Backed by a team of passionate individuals, the platform continues to grow and with the creation of our Launch Partners Package, we're looking forward to becoming accessible for all companies, big or small, to truly change the UK graduate market and show the power of young talent and conversation in the recruitment industry.

By joining us as a Launch Partner, you're not only supporting our dream, but the dreams of remarkable students around the country.

Meet The Team

Alex Bolton Profile Photo Alex Boltons LinkedIn

Alex Bolton

Co-Founder & CEO

Alex is your 'one-stop-shop' for information, demonstrations and questions about SkillBranch. He works with our launch partners, universities and students to ensure the platform is easy to use and that everyone is making the most of their SkillBranch experience.

Matt Walker Profile Photo SkillBranch LinkedIn

Matt Walker

Co-Founder & Lead Web Developer

Matt manages and independently developed the unique SkillBranch platform. He's your go-to-guy for any technical support, as well as all the information regarding how the platform works!

SkillBranch Launch Partner Package

Early access and the chance to actively influence the platform, all at a fraction of the price.

Exclusive Access to the SkillBranch Platform

6 months before anyone else

Unlimited Projects

Regular Interaction encourages results

Reduced Price

Frozen for 2 Years

Personal 1 to 1 Contact

Shape the Future of SkillBranch

Tailored Support

Tuition on how to make the best use of SkillBranch

Advertise & Inspire

Have your company featured for students to see